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Health and Hygiene

Hygiène et Santé, RAYON BEBE
Hygiène et Santé, RAYON BEBE

In your Croix de Coeur Pharmacy-Perfumery, you will find a wide baby range.

For face and body care, we have selected the Mustela and Bioderma ABCDerm ranges: washing lotions, shampoos, body creams, wipes, sun creams… We have everything you need to keep your little treasures comfortable!

As for food, we have Milupa, Hipp and Bimbosan: milk, pots, herbal tea, biscuits. Avent baby bottles and dummies are also available.

What’s more, Hello Kitty and Disney Princess products are available for your trendy young girls; and we have Cars and Ben Ten products to satisfy young boys who are hungry for action!


And we mustn’t forget to mention our ranges of Pampers and special mountain UV-protection sunglasses.

Stay in shape all year round!

As you know, our bodies need vitamins and other micronutrients to function at their best. What we eat should attend to many of those needs, but in some cases (intensive sport, illness, unhealthy lifestyle), we lack vitamins and our bodies are not satisfied!
A wide range of vitamins are available in our pharmacy: Berocca, Supradyn, Burgerstein, Dynamisan, Redoxon, Biostimol…


Prevention is better than cure!

With winter approaching, don’t forget to boost your immune system so you can get through this time of the year unscathed (runny nose, sore throat, cough which stops you from sleeping…)
As autumn comes to an end, we have vitamins and other products in-store: royal jelly, echinacea, prebiotics, acerola…

Hygiène et Santé, VITAMINES
Hygiène et Santé, VITAMINES
Hygiène et Santé, PANSEMENTS
Hygiène et Santé, PANSEMENTS

Your Croix de Coeur pharmacy has a wide range of disinfectant dressings:

  • Dermaplast,
  • Nexcare,
  • Tegaderm,
  • Steristrips,
  • Flawa,
  • Bepanthen plus,
  • Merfen…

For our avid walkers and skiers, we also have the entire Compeed range for the prevention and healing of little cuts and scrapes to the hands and feet!


We can also apply your dressings if necessary, so feel free to pop into your favourite pharmacy. It’s free!

Our Futuro and Gibaud ranges are both well-known and wide-ranging: knee pads, ankle supports, wrist bandages, lumbar belts, neck braces…


Our large stock allows us to serve you as quickly as possible and, in case of emergency or if you need a specific product, you can place an order which will arrive the next morning.

Hygiène et Santé, ORTHOPEDIE
Hygiène et Santé, ORTHOPEDIE
Hygiène et Santé, SOINS DENTAIRES
Hygiène et Santé, SOINS DENTAIRES

SWISSDENT, Dental Cosmetics

Beautiful white teeth, fresh breath, strong gums – that’s what you’ll have when you use Swissdent’s dental care range. Manufactured in Zurich, Switzerland, this brand contains no harmful elements.
You can find Swissdent exclusively in Verbier in your Croix de Coeur Pharmacy-Perfumery.

Take advantage of our permanent promotional offers!
Alongside Swissdent, many other brands are available in your pharmacy: Elmex, Meridol, Gum, Elgydium, Emoform, Listerine…
Finally, we offer discounts on electric toothbrushes throughout the winter.

ELSA, my sleep, my wellness…

Elsa products are the ultimate symbol of quality sleep. They are made from mineral memory foam, a unique natural material that respects your body and regulates its temperature; they adapt perfectly to your anatomy, support your body and eliminate pressure points; they are washable and hygienic, making them ideal if you suffer from allergies.

Elsa pillows and mattresses are handmade and manufactured exclusively in Switzerland using state-of-the-art, high-tech processes.

You can find Elsa pillows and mattresses in your favourite Verbier pharmacy, and you can even try them out for 30 days!

Hygiène et Santé, COUSSINS ELSA
Hygiène et Santé, COUSSINS ELSA

Ladies, for your intimate hygiene needs, you can find ranges including:

    • Multigyn,
    • Lactacyd,
    • Gynofit,
    • Saforelle,
    • Corinne de Farme,
    • Rogé Cavailles.

We also provide pregnancy tests (Clearblue, Exacto), as well as sanitary towels from Tena, Always and Tampax.

Finally, we have brands like Vichy, Klorane and Veet for hair-removal products.


Our hand cream ranges include:

  • Neutrogena: two-packs are currently on offer,
  • Dermophil Indien,
  • Laino,
  • Garnier,
  • Excipial…

We also have nail care products:

  • Trind,
  • Mavala,
  • Cutex,
  • Kiss (faux ongles)…

As for foot care products, (dry feet, cracks, perspiration), we have:

  • Scholl,
  • Akiléine,
  • Neutrogena..

We also think about men at the Croix de Coeur Pharmacy-Perfumery!

For you, gentlemen, we have:

  • razors and shaving foam,
  • Avène Men care products,
  • Vichy Men care products,
  • L’Occitane for Men,
  • The luxury brand Cellmen.

And for your lively evenings this winter season, don’t forget to cover up (Manix, Ceylor, Durex)!!!


The Polaroid range that we develop at the Croix de Coeur Pharmacy includes several trendy and affordable models.

Our models have dioptres ranging from +1.00 to +3.00.

We also have the Polaroid sun care range for children with specific mountain UV protection.