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Perfumes and Cosmetics


Chanel, “”Where beauty begins””

Using her own experience, Miss Gabrielle Chanel was one of the first women to create a beauty line in 1929. Just like beauty, fashion should emphasise a woman’s personality and unique character.

“The face is a mirror reflecting inner life processes: give it lots of care.” Above everything else, Chanel is a bold approach to beauty.

Come and discover the entire Chanel range (perfumes, care products and make-up) exclusively at your Croix de Coeur pharmacy in Verbier.


“Cosmetic science”

Constantly looking for the best ingredients, scientifically chosen and skilfully balanced to ensure the best effects on the skin, Cellap Laboratory applies Cosmetic Science’s most powerful discoveries to its Cellcosmet and Cellmen products.

The ingredients that go into their cosmetic products are based on technical expertise, putting them at the frontier of cosmetology and pharmacology: they are cosmeceuticals.

Come to the Croix de Coeur pharmacy, enter the Cellcosmet and Cellmen world, and treat your skin to cosmeceuticals which are specifically formulated to meet your skin’s needs.



Switzerland’s Hormeta laboratories are pioneering the use of micronutrients in cosmetics.
In fact, micronutrients are essential for fighting against dehydration and the premature aging of the skin.
Feel free to come and discover this entire exclusive and exceptional range in your Verbier pharmacy.



L’ALPAGE proposes you natural cosmetics with alpine ingredients and with assets stemming from the high technology, for an optimal efficiency while being the most natural possible, without paraben, nor animal testing.

The whole with a unique sensory touch and at affordable price.

All our products are made in French-speaking  part of Switzerland, including the packagings, for a maximal quality.

Come to discover the Swiss Paths of the Beauty with THE Swiss ALPAGE!


A “CLEAN” skincare line

REN offers a complete skincare line which is pleasant to use. It uses advanced bioactive formulations and avoids synthetic ingredients which can harm the skin.
REN stimulates the skin’s natural ability to protect, repair and renew, helping to restore beauty and vitality.

Come and discover exclusive products from the English brand REN in your favourite pharmacy-perfumery in Verbier.


L’Occitane en Provence, bringing the Mediterranean to you!

L’Occitane en Provence uses Mediterranean expertise as its inspiration to create natural skincare products and perfumes for your skin and wellbeing. Indeed, this range offers many products for both men and women, as well as fragrances, candles and other household scents, all inspired by ingredients used in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. L’Occitane en Provence selects natural ingredients from responsible and local agricultural farms which contain the highest concentrations of active ingredients.

Several end-of-year gift boxes and other surprises are waiting for you in your pharmacy.


“At Bourjois, we have personality, and we love women who have personality too!”

Bourjois was founded in 1863 on the famous boulevards of Paris’ theatre district when France was the second largest economy in the world.

Its first creator – the actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin – manufactured make-up and perfume for actors and actresses. He created his first products in his own apartment. In 1868, Ponsin left his work to Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois and it was to be Mr Bourjois who would develop the company and expand it internationally.

Bourjois aims to invent, create and design smart and feminine products to simplify beauty. It wants to make Parisian chic available to everybody: looks which are bold and daring but still tasteful and easy-to-achieve… and without breaking the bank, of course.

Bourjois enables every individual to confidently express their own style and creativity – and this is what we want you to discover in your Croix de Coeur pharmacy!


“Cosmetic skincare products made in Switzerland”

The field of skincare has become close to that of medicine. It serves above all to maintain healthy skin.

Louis Widmer products have a composition which corresponds to the physiological properties of the skin. As such, they can be used as adjuvants after skin treatment. These products may be lightly scented. For those with allergies or for those who require specific dermatological products, unperfumed versions are also available.

The whole range is available in-store!


“A smooth sensation surrounds you, soothes you and permanently protects you”

Naturally soothing, softening and anti-irritating, Avène Thermal Spring Water is an essential care product for all sensitive skin types. With its properties completely intact, it’s the source of all skincare product lines.

The Avène range can be used daily:
after removing make-up to cover the skin in a soothing lotion,
after waxing to reduce tingling,
after shaving to soothe razor burn,
to reduce facial redness,
to soothe sunburned skin after sun exposure,
on babies, to soothe and heal areas affected by nappy rash.
Advice and other discounts are waiting for you in the pharmacy.


“Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp, just like a plant in fertile soil”
René Furterer, Paris 1957

Based on an original and unique method (custom diagnosis, brushing, massages), René Furterer care products combine a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.


Klorane, “the power of plants”

Come and discover the entire range of Klorane shampoo and hair care products: dry hair, coloured hair, dandruff… Our team is here to ensure you receive the best possible advice.