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Natural remedies


We have selected a wide plant-based range for you. Mother Nature gives us so many wonderful things, and there’s lots of evidence to prove it:


Several other Swiss products, including the Valaisainnes brands


Boiron and Similasan products make up a large part of our homeopathic range. We also have the Homéolab range which is manufactured in Martigny.

Don’t forget to protect yourself against the flu and other winter viruses with homeopathic vaccines like Influenzinum and Duostim; you can also boost your immune system with Thymuline. If you’re already showing signs of the flu, then simply try Oscillococcinum or Duogrip!

We’re here for all your homeopathic prescriptions or any other request.


Come and discover our Swiss-made Aromasan essential organic oils.

We also have some essential oil blends for you to diffuse:

Hivernéol, for a pure winter,
Harmonie de Provence (Harmony of Provence), for travelling to the shores of the Mediterranean,
Zest de Paradis (Zest of Paradise), for relaxing,
Inspiration d’Asie (Inspiration from Asia), for quiet meditation.

Freshness and Dynamism.

Bottles specifically for the Sauna and Steam Room are also available in your Croix de Coeur Pharmacy-Perfumery.

Finally, you can also order your own blends, including those on your prescriptions.


We have several micronutrient-based products to boost your immune system this winter:

Copper-Gold-Silver blends,

Copper, Zinc and Manganese tablets,
valuable solutions,
Père Michel (Father Michel) syrup…

You can also make your own blends with or without a prescription.


Integrated medicine and the use of alternative medicines such as homeopathy offer many solutions for the treatment of the whole family’s aches and pains before you have to bring out the big guns of “conventional” medication which, in some situations, is not always appropriate or necessary!

So why use homeopathy as the first-line treatment before conventional medication?

For many acute or chronic symptoms, homeopathy can be appropriate for everybody regardless of their ages: from birth up until the end of life.

But let’s be clear: homeopathy cannot treat and cure every illness or disease. It therefore must give way to conventional medicine when the body’s defence mechanism can no longer cope.

Don’t wait any longer, come to the Croix de Coeur pharmacy to discover and try out Dr. Reckeweg® natural medicines. Today, they are one of the widest ranges in Switzerland – their treatments are recognised by Swissmedic and are covered by health insurance.


Bach flowers are flower remedies made from 38 plant species. The designer, Dr Edward Bach, was an English doctor who specialised in surgery and bacteriology and was also interested in homeopathy. He carried out research on the use of flowers from 1928 until his death in 1936. These floral medicines aim to re-harmonise the mind.

The famous Rescue mix can be used to relax and calm, especially in stressful or anxiety-inducing situations, before taking exams or before getting on a plane for example. But they can also be used to relieve nervous tension.

The 38 other floral species and mixes can be ordered for the following day, so feel free to place an order with us (prescription or non-prescription).