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Verbier, a super-sporty resort!

Sport has pride of place in the resort of Verbier. In the winter, skiing is of course popular, but so too is hockey, snowshoeing, (nights out!)… And in the summer, walking, running, cycling, and (uphill!) golf are popular… You need to be physically fit if you want to make the most of these wonderful activities.

An athlete must train, that’s a fact. But they must also have a healthy and balanced diet before, during and after exercise.
In your (sporty!) Croix de Coeur Pharmacy, we have several products which will allow you to make the most of the activities in our Valaisan mountains:

the Winlab range: made in the Valais, these products are excellent allies for intensive sport (slope training, muscle gain, recovery…),

the Isostar range: energy bars, carbohydrate shots, rehydration solutions,

Magnesium: Vital Sport, Diasporal, Burgerstein…

Inflammation: dietary supplements to reduce inflammation (Voltaflex, Vita ProFlex…),
Massages and muscle recovery: Perskindol, Dul-X
Venous circulation: Sigvaris compression socks …

With our knowledge and experience of these areas, we are here to help you!


When summer approaches, we want to lose the pounds that we put on over winter. We regret having eaten so much lovely fondu in Bagne and so many super-calorific Valaisian dishes! And we don’t want to expose our little bellies on the beach or at the pool!
Don’t worry, we’re here to help you on your weight loss journey.

But be aware, we don’t sell miracle products in the Croix de Coeur Pharmacy and we are not magicians: losing weight is not just taking little pills and waiting for something to happen, losing weight is a journey for each and every one of us. Everybody is different: some of us nibble, others eat lots of salt, and others eat lots of sugar…

In a nutshell, although we have solutions for any individual, the crucial part is YOU! Feel free to come and ask us for advice, our wide range of products (Biomed, Phytopharma, Winlab, Modifast, Arkopharma…) will have you covered.


A dietary supplement is a food product which aims to provide a supplement of nutrients or substances which have a nutritional or physiological effect (vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, amino acids…) and which an individual is lacking or does not get enough of in their normal diet.

Therefore, depending on what we eat and drink and depending on our level of activity, we may have a deficiency in substances which are essential to the proper functioning of our bodies. As a result, we may have to take dietary supplements. But these will never replace a healthy and balanced diet, they simply help our bodies when necessary.

In your favourite Pharmacy, we offer several dietary supplements which do various different things:

better sleep,
better memory,
boosting your immune system,
strengthening the hair and nails,
preparing the skin for the sun,
beautiful skin…
Of course, we’re here to advise you and guide you as well as possible so that you can be at your peak all year round!


The Biotta juice range selects the best fruit and vegetables from organic farming. You can find the entire range at your Croix de Coeur Pharmacy-Perfumery. The ingredients in these different juices help you to live better and live healthier.

For example:

The “breakfast ” juice: rich in fruit but also in honey and whey so you can get the morning off to a good start,
the “Digest” juice: prunes, apples, figs, grapes… to regain optimal bowel function,
blueberry juice: for good eyesight and a clear complexion.
pomegranate juice: a powerful antioxidant for beautiful skin,
cranberry juice: to prevent urinary tract infections…
Biotta also offers treatment packages that you can do over one or more weeks:

Balance week: regain an ideal and less acidic body pH,

Wellness week: regain your shape and physical wellbeing.


We have selected the Sidroga Swiss herbal tea range for you.

Consider herbal teas in addition to traditional medication. For example, the “colds” and “chest and cough” blends will be the perfect allies this winter. We also have sage herbal teas to treat sore throats.

Many herbal teas therefore can support medical treatments:

Cranberry herbal tea: helps in case of urinary tract infections
Antidiarrheal herbal tea,
Laxative herbal tea,
Diuretic herbal tea,
Herbal tea for sleep and nerves,
Anti-rheumatic herbal tea,
Herbal tea for the liver…

For your little darlings, we have specific herbal teas: fennel, chamomile, lemon balm…

Finally, you can also order your own herbal tea blends.